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Numismatic Auction 72

The sale will be held on Tuesday April 24th near Pavia, in Torre d'Isola -  Villa Botta Adorno, starting at 2:30 PM CET.

Live Auction on this website.

Please note: on this website it is possible to view current provisional bid results. Official bid results will be communicated by Numismatica Varesi after the end of the floor auction.

Unsold lots

Unsold lots are purchasable at the base price, 10% auction fees and shipping fees. If You wish to ask for availability and information please contact  info@varesi.it.

Numismatic Auction 72
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Numismatic Auction 72


Auction: Numismatic Auction 72

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23 04 2018 17:00 CET

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24 04 2018 14:30 CET